I'm not running, I'm not hiding

If you dig a little deeper you will find me

Liam MacEibhir
3 April
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You see life is a crazy thing. There'll be good times and there'll be bad times and everything in between.

He sits on the fence in many ways, does Liam. At nineteen, the young man from Montana finds himself caught between the high schooler with the letter jacket and the college student with responsibilities, between his love of his home at Flint Creek Ranch and his curiosity about the rest of the world, between his wish to remain his parents' good son and his desire to become his own man. Life is complicated and doesn't look to get any simpler any time soon.

But Liam must cope with one crowning set of complications that don't plague most people his age: the ones that come from being born to a purely human mother and a mostly púca father. In addition to the strength, speed and grace of his fae heritage, he has a touch of magic (and mischief), the ability to transform into a beautiful chestnut stallion and a secret that he keeps from virtually all of his human friends. Watching his older sister lash out against her human side has been agonizing for him, though he keeps that pain hidden behind a cheerful mask and his fierce devotion to his entire family, especially his mother. He says he'd never make Jansen's choices, but he still must deal with the same conflicts as his Mam ages and his Da remains ever-young ...

A veritable minefield of complications, but at least he'll have help navigating from both his close-knit family and an assortment of loyal friends. Not least of which are his rambunctious, redheaded, fellow half-fae cousin Marcus and a little blonde piece of walking attitude named Chuck.

And I don't know which way it's gonna go.

Eet ees a feectional journal! I am neither a teenaged part-púca nor Nick Wechsler, and the lyrics to "Undiscovered" and "Please Don't Stop the Rain" belong to James Morrison. No money is being made on this, seriously. If you could see my bank balance, you would know.

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